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  The visit to Prime Minister Fouad Siniora on the 15th of March 2007

Prime Minister Fouad Siniora met members of the Islamic Makassed Alumni Organization with its President, Engineer Mazen Charbaji.

President Charbaji initiated his speech by saying: We reported to Prime Minister Siniora the positive attitude of the Lebanese citizens resulting from the meetings between Speaker Nabih Berri and Head of Parliamentary Future Block Saad El Hariri and their effects on the people as regards to both economical and psychological aspects. We hoped that these endeavors will help Lebanon in crossing to safety board although we were astonished by some of the attitudes that call for reconsidering the Lebanese Constitution and the Taif accord.

He added: "There is no doubt, that constitutions are neither everlasting rules nor minor ones. We have to apply the terms mentioned in the Taif accord first to learn from our mistakes then to resolve some loose ends. We called upon the leaders to get rid of sectarianism and not allow the religious beliefs and familial constraints in politics in order to be a unified family and to restore to the youth and children the wonderful country that Rafic Hariri died for, with all nature colors. Let our motto be: Lebanon first and last and let us all walk in the same line to achieve this.

He concluded by saying: Prime Minister Siniora asserted his firm position and his determination to follow the principle of the seven points plan, adding that he would strive not to give up on any of his stands in order to build one unified and sovereign Lebanon.

  For the President and members of the governing body in the (Makassed Alumni Organization ) headed by Engineer Mohammed Mazen Charbaji Sheikh Saad Hariri in Qoraytem dated February 27,2007
  "Sheikh Saad El Hariri met members of the executive committee of Makassed Alumni Organization with its President the engineer Mazen Charbaji who said that the visit to MP Hariri falls on the occasion of the second annual commemoration of President Rafic Hariri assassination. Mr. Charbaji assured him that President Hariri may have been assassinated but his soul and good deeds still live among the people. He also assured him that the organization will never cease giving and being effective in the act of building Lebanon and following in his footsteps to support the policy that brings welfare to the country primarily. President Mazen Charbaji hoped that the enormous efforts of MP Hariri will bear fruit in helping the situation in Lebanon subside.
Then he added: We noticed MP Hariri is characterized by positivism and wisdom in dealing with others and we are certain that Lebanon will rise again thanks to the efforts of all the political loyal parties whom we call upon to limit the political abuse and to return to the debate table because it is the only way to save Lebanon.
Lebanon can only be built without dominant and defeated. This is the slogan of Lebanon."
  The second meeting with his excelleny ,Sheikh Saad Al Hariri , PM, on August ,2007
  Deputy Sheikh Saad Al Hariri ,met a deledation from "Makassed Alumni Organization " in Beirut ,under the chairmanship of Mohammed Mazen Charbaji ,who said:" Our visit today to the Attorney, Sheikh Hariri ,is to thank him for chosing the candicate , Secretary Mohammad Itani Al Makasidi ,in the Beirut electrons , and to assure our support for him and the future trend"

We call upon all citizens of Beirut in the second chamber , and the "Makassed" in particular ,for an intense participation in the electrons on sunday ,to show their support and loyalty to the Martyre "Walid Eido" and his young son Khaled "Al Makasisi" .We are confident that the citizens of Beirut will maintain their customs and heritage".

He also added: "We reported as well ,our great support to our Deputy Hariri for his great efforts to maintain the unity in lebanon , and for his repeated call for dialogue,because it is through constructive dialogue that we are moving in the right direction and not by being volalite at others.

We also call upon all politacal leaders to return to their conscience and senses in order to preserve this country from the hands of the abusers.
We could, as well ,like to thank and congratulate the army on his day , and we offerour condolescenses with the martyrdom, of his elements and officers who sacrificed their precious blood (their lives) to mintain the unity of the country and safeguard undependence .

We are thankful to PM Hariri for the honer that he offered to "Al Makasidi" in appreciation to the Assembly's efforts and support to its cultural , educational and social activities " .
  The visit to the Mufti Sheikh Mohammad Rachid Ragheb Kabani on the 7th of March 2007
  Sheikh Mohammad Rachid Ragheb Kabani met with a delegation team of the executive committee of Makassed Alumni Organization headed by its President, the engineer Mazen Charbaji.
Charbaji declared after the meeting: We transported to the Mufti the Lebanese people concerns and critical economic situation, in particular the emigration of the educated young minds. However, we were surprised by the attitude of certain officials towards the authorization of personal weapons' possession which is a very dangerous act.

President Charbaji also called upon the officials to revert to their conscience and to their Lebanese authenticity as the Lebanese people is a peaceful and educated one; he added that guns possession can only lead to disaster and he hoped that all officials would return to the debate table and would ultimately reunite.

He thanked the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, for his praiseworthy support and efforts to solve the Lebanese crisis.

  The visit to the Speaker Nabih Berri on the 8th of March 2007

President Berri met members of the executive committee in the Makassed Alumni Organization with its President, the Engineer Mazen Charbaji who said after the meeting:

"We visited President Berri who is one of the old Alumni of the Makassed Organization and we discussed with him the concerns of the capital Beirut and its educated youth, among other subjects, namely: Beirut's downtown and the sit-in that started as a result of a political conflict but soon reflected negatively upon the living and social status of the capital's citizens. We called upon him and all the leaders in the opposition to resort to wisdom and acknowledge the importance of Beirut Downtown.
We also hoped that they would put an end to this sit-in and to convert the opposing attitude into another approach that would fulfill their demands without neutralizing the downtown area which will only make the citizens suffer more than they already did as a result of the difficult economic situation.

He added: Everyone supported the Arab initiative - especially the enormous efforts that King Abdullah, Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, along with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are making- in order to establish the Lebanese domestic entente.
President Berri gave confidence as to regional and international facts but he expressed his alarm as to the internal political crisis. He also expressed his fear that the Lebanese leaders might miss this golden opportunity.

We call upon all the leaders to set aside their personal interests, and to assume their responsibility towards the country and the Lebanese people and to work altogether as one team in order to save Lebanon and the Lebanese people and to best support them, he added.

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